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Mobile Service Applications

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Enterprise Service Management

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IoT Solutions

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Enterprise Asset Management

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International Carrier & Wholesale Solutions

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In Focus

How buildings get smart. Webinar with Hagen Neulen and Felix Haas about the advantages and benefits of modern sensor technology and an integrated workplace management system (TRIRIGA).

 Enterprise Asset Management  

You Know Your Company’s History, Practices and Procedures. But do your Employees? 

Learn how our WeKnow solution can help you bring new hires up to speed fast and increase employee collaboration.

 International Carrier Wholesale  
Interconnect Contracts Made Simple!

Axino’s B2BSimpleX carrier platform and software solutions facilitate bilateral contract exchange in a fraction of the time AND at a fraction of the cost.

 Mobile Workforce Management  
The Tools of the Trade Have Changed. Are You Ready?

Workforce dynamics are rapidly changing. Are your business systems and software applications up to snuff to meet the challenges?

 IoT Solutions  
The next stage of the data revolution!

Discover enabling technology with own sensors and backend systems, based on LoRa technology, for data-driven business processes.


Axino is, above all, an innovative software company. We plan and implement large-scale Software IT-applications in all areas of business, operations and support solutions for the telecommunications industry as well as selected other market segments.