Training and Study?


Introducing young people to working life – after they have finished school –through our comprehensive training is a matter close to our heart.

With us, you will learn the practical aspects of your training and pass through various internal departments. In this way we want to ensure that you get to know all facets of software development in our company. From the first day on, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you with any questions you may have.

The profession of a mathematical-technical software developer – MATSE for short – leads to 2 degrees after 3 years and offers excellent conditions for the start of your professional life and a career at Axino!

Are you looking for a student job where you can actively participate in an ongoing project right from the beginning? A job where you can learn from experienced staff and take on initial responsibility?

Then a student job with us is exactly the right thing for you! Whether alongside your studies or as an internship during your ongoing studies: we are happy to accommodate you here!

In addition to a classic student job, we also offer the opportunity to write your thesis with us as we work closely with the RWTH Aachen University and its professors.



No matter whether it's a student internship, voluntary or mandatory internship during the course of study: At our company, interns experience the everyday life of a software developer up close.

We integrate you into our daily work and depending on how long your internship with us is to last, you will be given tasks that you will work on independently.

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