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Enterprise Asset Management

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International Carrier & Wholesale Solutions

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About Axino Group  


Until end of 2015, Axino Solutions – the former Ascom business unit Systems & Solutions – was part of the Swiss technology group Ascom, a leading international supplier of complex communications and IT solutions.

On January 1, 2016, Axino Group, namely the Axino Solutions GmbH in Germany and the Axino Solutions AG in Switzerland, took over from Ascom Germany GmbH and of Ascom Solutions AG all rights and obligations (customer and service contracts, product rights, etc.) attached to the business unit Systems & Solutions as well as all employees at all locations of Systems & Solutions.

Behind Axino Group stand experienced investors who ensure continuity and plan to develop the company in the long term. The previous Managing Director Michael E. Wallrath conducts the business even under its new ownership.

Professional Services

We create value for our customers

We support you with our services when it comes to optimize the usefulness and usability of your internal and external services. Together with you, we create a strategy that helps you to improve the service performance, reduce the functional constraints of your services and eliminate limiting boundary conditions.

With the help of our services, solutions, and products, we enable you to monitor and control the availability, reliability, capacity, and security of your systems and assets - much more successfully and efficiently than before.

The right partner for your project

In the 'magic triangle' of quality, cost and deadlines, we work on your projects striving to optimize all factors equally - costs, quality, and deadlines. With our professional project and quality management, and supported by selected and tested methods, we carry out projects both quickly and at a high level and at the same time efficiently - so that they sustainably benefit you.

Our staff

​Our employees and deployment teams are among the nicest and most enjoyable people you will have the pleasure to work with. (Really! They are, and that’s important.)  

We provide specific support for the development of our employees and train them continually on a high level. Apart from the self-evident technological know-how, all of our employees have practical knowledge and experience in quality and project management (Prince2) and are well-versed in ITIL Best and Good Practices. Due to our telco expertise, they are also familiar with TMForum-Standards (nGOSS, eTOM, SID, Frameworx).

Our employees have for example the following qualifications:

  • ITIL® Foundation (Certification, v3)

  • ITIL® Service Manager (Certification, v2)

  • ITIL® Expert (Certification, v3)

  • Prince2: Foundation & Practitioner

  • Professional Scrum Master

  • Developer with comprehensive BMC trainings

  • BMC: Remedy Certified Professionals

  • IBM: Maximo, EAM, Mobile First, SCCD (incl. Certifications)

  • SAP/BusinessObjects: Data Services & Business Intelligence

  • Oracle: DB, PL/SQL, Apex, SOA, OSB, Forms, BI, Java

  • TM Forum Standards: nGOSS, eTOM, SID, Frameworx


Axino Solutions is geared to established quality, IT and project management standards such as ISO 9001: 2008, ITIL, Prince2 and Scrum.


Besides working in regional and national associations such REGINA e.V.KVD und itSMF, Axino Solutions has been active at the international level in the TeleManagement Forum.

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