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IoT FoodSafety

AXINO.IoT FoodSafety -- Combat Food Waste 


Automated temperature monitoring and forecast of the core temperature of food

This automated monitoring solution for cooling furniture and refrigerated goods offers considerable advantages for the quality management and branch service to the food retail industry. It can be measured in qualitatively as well as monetary terms:

  • Substantial increase in measurement quantity and quality

  • Remarkable reduction of the metering costs

  • Significant reduction in operating costs

  • Increased data security


The solution combines innovative sensor technology with automated, self-sufficient data communication. Integrated predictive algorithms enable proactive automated integration with store management processes before thresholds are exceeded.

The automated forecasting and inspection system proactively informs process managers and employees in the branches via smartphone or tablet PC regarding food safety relevant disorders or events. Data, relevant for Quality Management and remedial measures in the event of an incident are fully documented.

AXINO.IoT FoodSafety consists of the following components

Senstrack  innovative sensor device for cooling furniture with an integrated LoRaWAN communication-module.


AXINO.IoT  browser based backend application server with edge-cutting forecast-algorithm for core temperature including mobile smart-phone based administration- and configuration application for branch services.


Designed for a long service life, the system requires little operating efforts in terms of maintenance and management of the individual sensor modules. It can be easily extended to other applications.  LEARN MORE    (Broschure in German)

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