Axino.IoT.FoodSafety - The intelligent way to monitor fresh products!

Quality and safety of chilled food is important in your business?

Then you bear a special responsibility!


Because in the fresh produce trade, quality is crucial, but difficult to define and measure. Research from McKinsey studies has shown that customers who are satisfied with a retailer's fresh offerings have more loyal customers who shop there more often, spend more money on each visit and are happy to recommend the store to others.


With Axino.IoT.FoodSafety, we offer a new contactless, continuous and data-driven solution for real-time monitoring of temperatures in refrigerated cabinets, but supplemented by intelligent algorithms for predicting the core temperatures of refrigerated goods. Our system tells you how fresh your goods really are!


Axino.IoT.FoodSafety is an end-to-end monitoring solution from sensor to Axino.IoT platform from a single source and supports HACCP processes for quality assurance. Due to the technologies used, the solution is particularly suitable for internationally operating companies.

The task:

  • Support of a quality management system to ensure food safety for chilled perishable food

the highlights:

  • new contactless, continuous & data driven solution

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Automatic recording

  • Long-term storage of historical values

  • Intelligent alerting

  • permanent remote access from everywhere possible

  • automated reporting

  • constant forecast of core temperatures

Our solution offers:

Real-time monitoring

Make informed decisions with real-time data!
Contactless temperature measurement and core temperature prediction are automated and seamlessly performed at regular intervals around the clock. This gives you unprecedented insights into the temperature behaviour of your coolers and especially your products. The sensors transmit their values wirelessly to the Axino.IoT server, where they are stored securely. If the connection should break down, the sensor stores the measured values during this time and sends them as soon as communication with the Axino.IoT server is available again.

Automatic recording

Manual readings are definitely a thing of the past!
We relieve your staff of this tiresome and error-prone work and you gain valuable time for your customers and for the care of your goods. Thus we ensure the complete recording of the temperatures so that you can properly fulfil your documentation obligations to official bodies. Your data is stored in the system for as long as you need it for reports, evaluations and controls.

Intelligent alerting

Know when something is wrong?
We inform you about it! Our alarm module informs you immediately as soon as the core temperature of a product deviates from the prescribed values, so that you can react promptly. The alarm can be triggered either by SMS, e-mail or automatic telephone calls (text-to-speech). If an alarm is not acknowledged within a defined period of time, escalation takes place in the form of a further alarm, thus ensuring that an incident does not go unnoticed during periods of high workload. Such incidents must be documented according to HACCP. Our alarm module is therefore also coupled with a recording of measures. And this is done in the simplest possible way: Only 2 clicks and done!


Remote access - anytime and anywhere

You need information from our system?
Gladly, anytime and anywhere! Our software solution is cloud-based and is available to you practically around the clock. And for good reason: So that you can concentrate on your business and not on a software system, backups, fail-safe, security, etc. Whether via PC at your workstation or mobile via tablet or smartphone: you can access your data at any time and from any place and find out about temperature trends, problems and measures, for example.


Automated reporting

Creating reports costs you time and annoys you?
Not with us! Our reporting delivers meaningful weekly and monthly reports automatically and directly to your mailbox, so that you are regularly informed. And because we not only provide you with the cooling temperatures, but also the core temperatures of the products cooled in them, you are always close to your goods and thus optimally informed about their quality status. Our reports help you to provide the necessary proof at the push of a button during legal inspections and to remain compliant with HACCP.

Prognosis of core temperatures

Know how your goods are doing without any special effort to operate?
Only with our solution! The unique feature of Axino.IoT.FoodSafety is the ability to use intelligent processing steps and algorithms to predict the core temperatures of the products in the chillers to within +/- 1° Celsius from the data streams of the sensors. This means a completely new quality in the monitoring of chilled food, as it is now the products that are monitored without interruption and not the refrigeration units. In other words: The goods inform you about their quality status! Knowing this offers great advantages in terms of quality, safety and avoiding food waste.

Configuration and integration

You have special requirements or wishes?
No problem. Axino.IoT.FoodSafety offers a wide range of possibilities regarding configuration and integration, so that we can easily adapt our solution to your needs and processes.

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