Axino.IoT for Retail

Automated temperature monitoring and prediction of the core temperature of food - a "Quality 4.0" approach for food wholesale and retail

"Quality 4.0" complements the "Industry 4.0" approach to the digitization of business processes within the end-to-end value chain in food retailing with the quality management component. The objective is to increase food safety in branch retail companies by continuously monitoring the temperature and condition of refrigerated furniture and dynamically predicting the core temperature of perishable food.

With the Axino.IoT.FoodSafety solution, Axino Solutions AG presents an innovative approach with advanced analysis and forecasting functionality for food wholesale and retail. The solution supports HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) processes in corporate quality assurance and is based on the combination of automated and self-sufficient sensor monitoring of refrigerated furniture with a special, innovative forecasting algorithm in an analytics and management application. The automated forecasting and testing system proactively informs process owners and employees in the stores via smartphone or tablet PC about food safety related malfunctions or events. QM-relevant data and corrective actions taken in the event of an incident are fully documented.

Axino.IoT.FoodSafety consists of the following components:

  • SENSTRACK Innovative Axino Solutions sensor unit for refrigerated furniture with integrated LoRaWAN communication module.

  • AXINO.IoT Browser-based backend application server with innovative prediction algorithm for core temperatures, including mobile smartphone-based management and configuration applications for store service.

This innovative solution was developed by Axino Solutions AG in Solothurn (Switzerland) in cooperation with a research institute and a Swiss electronics manufacturer. Due to its autonomous design using battery-powered sensors in LowPower Network Technology (LPN), the system is particularly flexible in use, regardless of the manufacturer and age of the refrigerated furniture.


The project is based on the quality management requirements of a large Swiss company in the food retail sector. Furthermore, the Axino.IoT solution is ideally suited to enable condition-based maintenance and other data-driven processes in store service via comprehensive cross-branch sensor data management.

Benefits for food wholesale and retail:

The automated monitoring solution for refrigerated furniture and chilled goods offers great advantages for the store service or comprehensive quality management of the entire company, which can be measured in terms of both quality and money:

  • Significant increase of measurement quantity and quality
    through continuous measurement (24x7) and auditable historization of sensor data, avoidance of error sources with manual logging, automated compliance with internal HACCP procedures, automated triggering of manual random sample examinations.

  • Significant reduction of reading and administration costs
    through automation of the measuring system and automated integration into the branch alarm management or facility management fault clearance processes (savings of 30-60 minutes working time per branch/day are possible).

  • Significant reduction in the operating costs of the sensor management solution
    through inexpensive, easy to install and reusable sensor units, by largely dispensing with an own IT communication infrastructure by using public IoT data networks for a small usage fee with LoRaWAN network providers

The task:

  • Support of a quality management system to ensure food safety for chilled perishable food

The solution:

  • Axino.IoT.FoodSafety

The highlights:

  • Affordable solution with a long service life and low operating costs for maintenance and administration

  • Combines innovative sensor technology with automated, autonomous data communication

  • Integrated predictive algorithms enable automated integration into branch management processes

  • correlation of process data with external parameters (weather, temperature, humidity, customer frequency)

  • Easily extendable with additional use cases in the branch service

The system can easily be extended to include further applications in store service, for which standard sensors are already available today or where new sensors have to be designed and manufactured with reasonable effort. Such IoT-based processes are for example:

  • Proof of unbroken cold chains (e.g. by monitoring roll pallets)

  • Demand cleaning and pest control

  • condition-based maintenance for building services engineering

  • Waste management (measurement of container levels)

  • Car Park Management

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