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The digital innovation for temperature monitoring

With Axino.IoT.FoodSafety, we offer you a unique, flexible and cost-effective solution for sensor-based monitoring of refrigerated and heated furniture and cold storage rooms. A real innovation for the food trade as well as for hotels and restaurants.

The Axino.Iot.FoodSafety solution is based on a complete package developed for the food retail trade, consisting of self-sufficient, durable sensor units for refrigerated and frozen furniture as well as a cloud-based service from Axino Solutions AG for alarming and temperature reporting.

The advantages:

  • Retrofit

  • Wireless, Plug & Play

  • HACCP, complete recording

  • Integrated alerting by email, SMS and call

  • Automatic reporting by email

  • Retrofittable

  • Food safe

Both packages guarantee audit-proof temperature monitoring of refrigeration and heating furniture with calibrated Axino.IoT sensor units. This enables fully automated and periodic reports on temperature curves for refrigerated and heated furniture to be generated.

The latest generation Axino.IoT sensor units are capable of measuring other qualitative characteristics, such as humidity and air quality in closed rooms.

As a "retrofit system", the solution is consistently designed to be independent of manufacturers of refrigeration and heating technology. The communication infrastructure is usually provided by the telephone provider's existing public LoRaWan network, supported by local LoRa gateways where the telephone provider's network is not sufficiently performing.

The Axino.IoT solution is already designed for high availability, as the possible use cases in the customer landscape are critical to different degrees. Thus, for example, time-critical processes or communications can also be handled by the system without any problems.

Developed in Switzerland in cooperation with:

  • IAS- Institute of Applied Simulations

  • ILGI- Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation

Funded by:

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