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Axino BI for Service Management 


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Business Intelligence For SM

The Smart Choice for Business Intelligence.


Look inside most enterprise IT rooms or data centers and you’ll see an amalgamated collection of servers and equipment -- some old, some new, and some you don’t even recognize -- and cabling headed every which way. The reason for this is that most enterprise systems are a cobbled collection of servers, switches, software and databases acquired over time through acquisitions, restructures, and the like, often with similar (but repetitive) functionality.


Predictably, obtaining up to the minute performance data and other key performance indicators or KPIs from this type of hodgepodge is very problematic. Different systems and software spread across multiple locations, along with incompatible data formats and switch types, force companies to accept systems limitations and inefficient manual practices to translate and tie information together from business units to get a picture of how the business is doing. Doing that takes time and a lot of unnecessary expense.


Axino’s Business Intelligence (BI) for service management changes the paradigm entirely by automating systems processes and optimizing ITSM and BSM systems so that you are able to cut through the clutter and collect, convert, summarize and validate data from all business areas in the blink of an eye.

With a portfolio of services that includes BI Strategy & Governance, Architecture, Data Warehousing, and Reporting & Analysis, Axino’s BI services give you real-time control and real-time visibility, anywhere, anytime, over your operations so that you are able to operate more efficiently and increase your ability to respond to market changes. Our services and solutions allow you to …

… monitor operations at all times, identify asset usage and utilization
rates, check financials in real-time and see how vendor and 
customer contracts are performing. 

Other benefits BI provides are the capabilities to conduct business
development cases, create customer proposals and eliminate data 
errors and staffing excesses, to name a few. 


We integrate SAP, BMC, IBM and other top-of-the-line platforms (in addition to our own collaborative software solutions) to significantly increase your ability to create everything from contracts and SLAs/OLAs to financial and regulatory reports in a fraction of the time -- and without the errors and regulatory risks inherent with costly manual practices.  

As a result, you are able to define process roles or partitioning for different departments or business units and create your own simple dashboards with ease.  You are always able to view or monitor business tasks at a glance, whether you are at the office or on the go.

Learn more about Axino IT for Service Management by downloading our flyer,  SYSTEMS &  SOLUTIONS: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE FOR SERVICE MANAGEMENT 

Enterprise Service Management 


Decision Makers - Puts critical data at your fingertips – in real time.

Process Owners – Increases control over operations

Service Managers – Optimizes IT and systems infrastructure

Supply Chain Managers – Enhances supplier performance and logistics 

Account Managers – Access Sales and customer data, anytime, anywhere 

Product Managers – Real time product performance for faster, better analysis 

Heads of Service Desks - Improves productivity and efficiency - with less resources

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  • Real-time and ad-hoc reporting

  • High-level dashboards and KPIs

  • Flexible and saleable information platform

  • Time-triggered automatic distribution

  • Smart data integration from heterogeneous systems and databases

  • Enhanced transparency and processes monitoring

  • Enables Self-Service access to information

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