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We Open Doors to Help You Optimize Business Results.

Automated Systems & Software Solutions Designed for Speed, Efficiency and Profitability.

Speed to business has become the new key to business success. Long gone are the days when you had the luxury of time to react to disruptive changes in markets, technology and government.  Today, market-shaping events happen without warning and business fortunes can rise and fall as fast as dawn turns to day.


The companies that will succeed and prosper will be those that are able to engage their people to change direction on a dime. In today’s global economy, it’s not a case of the big fish eating the little fish your need to worry about. It’s the fast beating the slow.  Your ability to conduct business swiftly and adopt policies and practices that accelerates peoples’ ability to adapt, innovate and exceed customer expectations is instrumental to achieving successes in a competitive marketplace.  


Yet, for carriers involved international wholesale the ability to conduct business quickly has been out of reach and painfully slow. The need to replace legacy systems, inefficient software and expensive manual processes has never been more evident: Bilateral agreements alone can take three to six months to complete.  On top of that, the manual processes used to monitor contract performance to ensure terms and conditions are met aren’t up to the job. Making matters worse, the shift toward more and more OTT services has made it difficult to accurately match billing against receipts, determine correct origins and call records, and validate pricing.


OSS/BSS Solutions: Reinvented & Reengineered for Speed.


But we’ve changed all that by developing the tools you need to knock down the barriers that have prevented you from operating as profitably and efficiently as possible. Our solutions (simple to use as they are simple to integrate) enable you to manage complex contracts in the fraction of the time it takes today – and at a far lower cost. In addition, the solutions provide an entirely new set of tools that enable you to optimize billing and revenue assurance functions and eliminate network fraud and excessive outdated back office processes. They include:


  • B2BSimpleX -- Construct and exchange interconnect agreements in blazing speed and error free. Real time capability to monitor contract performance, modify agreements and exchange side letters, inform partners about price and destination charges, verify dial code lists, volumes and other ongoing terms and conditions. Click here to read more. 


  • Ips (InterCarrier Process Support System) –  Optimize legacy systems one step a time with modular components to power and drive your interconnect business – everything from A-number support and on-demand CDR archive and analysis to advanced financial tools for real time reconciliation and billing processes (voice and non-voice services). Click here to read more.


  • FAST (Fraud Detection & Data Analysis) – Identify and thwart wholesale fraud threats, such as bypass, IRSF messaging and VoIP fraud, by accessing, correlating and analyzing xDR, Aggregated xDR and Subscriber xDRs in real time. Game-changing SVM (Support Vector Machines) and robust ‘In-Memory’ technology protects revenue and margins!
    Click here to read more.

  • Invoice$hark – Real time invoice validation, dispute management and payment clearance solution. Solution ‘groups and matches’ incoming statement lines with internal cost and revenue projections and identifies excessive termination costs.​ 

  • CLI Checking - Service Assurance monitoring through managed service. CLI Checking is the managed service provided by Axino Solutions which monitors the technical quality of telco services. The service addresses Service Assurance needs through the generation of transactions and by providing KPIs about the actual quality level of service. Click here to read more

All our solutions are developed with the end user at top of mind: Simple. Easy to use. Intuitive. One click capabilities and dashboards for fast, defined looks any time of day or night. They are

also built for speed, integrate easily with enterprise systems and have a flexible and scalable architecture that will grow with you as your business needs grow

Carrier Wholesale Solutions

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