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We Help You Cut Contracts Down to Size


Negotiating, finalizing, executing -- and most importantly monitoring -- contract performance and side agreements during their life cycle are among the most challenging and costly back office processes facing you in today’s complex global telecommunications environment. It’s not uncommon for carriers to have hundreds – Hundreds! -- of bilateral agreements that need to be tracked, evaluated and amended, all while they are still in effect. In addition, carriers need to accommodate and issue rate notifications, invoices, dial code changes, CDRs and reconciliations, revised capacity and volume requirements, contract amendments and side agreements.


Clearly, this cannot all be done by hand if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

For one thing, relying on old-school manual processes takes away valuable resources that could be better devoted to revenue-producing products or services and R&D, and covering the ever- increasing expense of contract management.  For another, manual processes often needlessly delay contract implementation from to three to six months or more.  Just as bad, they are often wrought with data entry errors and other discrepancies that cause implementation delays, trigger legal issues, and offer no real way to effectively track agreement performance. 


Our solution to all these problems was B2BSimpleX.  It provides you with all the capability you need to electronically and securely send and receive standardized e-contract templates with every link in your business chain – largest to smallest. The solution’s automated processes -- all of which are fully compatible with the GBET standard requirements -- enable you time to exchange, finalize and verify all your contracts more quickly and with far fewer discrepancies than you’ve ever been able to do before.


Putting the Power to Optimize Business Development at Your Fingertips

And that’s not all:  SimpleX also brings you an entire new set of business tools you can rely on to help you better negotiate, implement and manage interconnect agreements.  As an all-in-one solution, you won’t need any add-ons, either. The program’s easy-to-use software modules and workflows can be used to:

  • Modify contracts

  • Inform partners about price and destination changes

  • Verify dial code lists and volumes

  • Exchange side letters

  • Model business cases

  • Conduct ‘what ‘if’ scenarios

  • Monitor contract performance

  • Measure profitability

  • Customize contract templates to your own in-house

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B2BSimpleX also contains Portal capabilities that allow you to exchange contracts outside the solution’s platform. What used to be a time-consuming, slow-paced process at best is now so fast and accurate that it enables you to reallocate resources to other areas of the business.  Click here for B2BSimpleX brochure 

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Carrier Wholesale Solutions

Can You Afford NOT to use B2BSimpleX?

The financial impact of using manual processes is so severe that the Yankee Group estimates that miscommunication arising from poor and/or lost data costs US and European carriers more than US $8 billion each year alone.

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Today’s existing billing process is so laden with delays that the ITU doesn’t consider an invoice late if it is received within 217 days.

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