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Optimal Business Performance -- Tailored to Your  Needs. 


Axino provides an extensive array of customized solutions, interfaces and integrations capabilities to automate business processes, complement existing systems platforms, and increase productivity. We adapt and customize applications from leading providers such as IBM, SAP, Oracle and others, in addition our own solutions.

 Axino Checklists for Inspection  ~  A Sight for Sore Eyes.


Before Axino, inspection data was typically recorded on paper forms that had to be edited by technicians and earmarked for transfer to SAP systems. These processes were not only time consuming and costly but also proved ineffective due to the need to manually input the data, increasing the likelihood of errors and other anomalies that can lead to legal ramifications.


Illegible handwriting or ambiguous language could also be a problem.  If a typist is unable to decipher something written on a form, more times than not it’s not inputted. Valuable information is lost.


Now you can wipe away all those problems. Axino’s Checklist solution automates inspection data to help users facilitate service planning and create the error free case documents for future reference and follow-up service calls.  Equally important, they can also satisfy legal requirements. 


The solution uses automated forms that can be easily filled out by service technicians. Forms are supported by graphic symbols so that recording can be carried out quickly and accurately. From simple user-defined criteria such as “OK,” “conditionally OK,” and “not OK” to more complex evaluations and measurement criteria, the solution eliminates multi-step processes to reduce cost and provide a single comprehensive and verifiable report.


Moreover, the solution eliminates the redundancy of entering and reentering data. And by fully automating all aspects of the reporting process, you gain real time visibility into how your field and service operations are performing. 

You Know Your Company’s History, Practices and Procedures. But do your Employees?

Axino Bridges the Gap with an application called  Axino WeKnow. 

Knowledge Management … How to use it. Store it. And leverage it to build your business long-term has become one of most complex and critical issues facing executives and management teams today.


Today’s information-driven economy operates much differently from that of years past. Long gone are the days when employees stayed in one job during their work careers. Studies show that as many as five generations now work side by side and that ‘time on the job’ has become increasingly transitory. The periods that Millennials and Gen-Xers spend with companies, for example, are considerably shorter. And with Baby Boomers heading into retirement, your need to preserve company knowledge, history and business continuity is critical.


The new workforce dynamic underscores the need for ‘better, faster’ ways to train employees as well as new ways to impart company ethos and values to create a sustainable workforce. The failure to retain and transfer intuitional knowledge and memory can increase employee turnover. And this, of course, translates into higher costs and lower institutional efficiency.


Axino’s WeKnow solution addresses these new conditions with a simple-to-use application that categorizes information to build a centralized knowledge base. Once the solution is implemented, employees are able to access the type of information – be it customer histories, supply chain logistics, purchases and so forth – that can help bring them up to speed and do their jobs more effectively. User-defined subject authorization and limitation rules are easily defined so that employees access only the information that is appropriate.


WeKnow supports two primary methods of active and dynamic distribution:


  • Automatic distribution to employee groups, and

  • Context-related distribution in the work order


New knowledge entries are able to be automatically distributed to defined groups in order to share new information and to collaborate on projects. In the context-related area, relevant knowledge-based information, such as case studies, customer histories, etc., can be automatically ‘assigned’ to a work order so that employees don’t have to look for information on their own. Rather, the information is provided to them and that facilitates and enriches the tasks they are working on. 

 Schedule, Dispatch & Track.  All in One Easy Step.


Our partnership and solutions for IBM Maximo takes the whole concept of ‘anywhere, anytime’ capabilities to entirely new levels.


The Scheduler add-on, an end-to-end work management tool for Maximo Asset Management, allows planners and schedulers to easily view all work orders and preventive maintenance schedules graphically on a Gantt chart.


The solution automates work tasks so that dispatchers are able to locate and track their field resources on a public map and manage emergency work – while staying in touch with field resources – all through simple drag and drop features.


“Scheduler Lowers Maintenance Costs and Improves

Resource Utilization in one fell Swoop.”

Advanced features include the capability to set user-defined schedules on ‘auto pilot’, allowing orders or service times to be sent or scheduled on a preset, basis. The Scheduler includes automated capacity planning processes and the capability to conduct ‘what if’ scenarios to ensure distribution stays lean and mean. 

 Here, There, Everywhere. 


Your assets and every part if your supply, service and distribution chains are scattered around the world.  You and your employees require the ability to manage them from wherever any of you happen to be … and from whatever device any of you might be using at any given time.


In an age where business is conducted 24x7 from every corner of the planet it makes all the sense in the world.


Our comprehensive SAP Work Manager mobile application allows you to do just that. The solution enables workers to access any relevant information and data they need at the point of performance to complete and manage assigned work orders and service requests, all from their mobile devices (and supported with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows operating system).


Whether it’s within the four walls, on the plant floor, or out in the field with your customers, the mobile work manager enables technicians to reference SAP ERP data such as task lists, safety details, repair histories and bills of materials. The solution also mitigates the risk of injury by helping employees compete safety checks and follow safe work practices.


From the operations and systems standpoint, work manager is a rapidly deployed solution that enables you to quickly call up, configure, and run end-to-end work order and service order management business processes through your existing SAP Enterprise Asset Management platform.

The Daily Grind Can be a Pain in the Neck.

 Hosting  Shouldn’t be one of Them.

It’s a fact: You didn’t get into your business to become a slave to “computer stuff.”  Computers are a tool, not an end to themselves.  That’s why Axino’s IBM Maximo Hosting services provide you with welcome relief from the daily headaches of having to deal with complex IT issues, systems, software upgrades and all things related to implementation and integration. 


Our two state of the hosting facilities and our longstanding partnership with IBM enable us to provide cost savings and other preferential benefits to Maximo users. 


New users benefit from always having the most recent version of Maximo, including the special licenses for Maximo hosted by Axino.  And technical support around the clock. Current Maximo users gain peace of mind by having upgrades managed by Axino. And our relationship with Maximo also means your licenses (and investments) are always well protected.


There are no hidden or extra costs for all this service and protection.  Installation and administration and support of Maximo are all included in our hosting services, saving you time, money and risk. Costs are lowered significantly. Plus, the solution can be implemented much faster than the software that’s probably now running on your own computers.

Enterprise Asset Management & Mobile

  • Intuitive visual navigation through work orders and tasks

  • Task and work dependencies management

  • Auto scheduling of work based on task dependencies and work shift.

  • Manual or automated resource or crew assignment and dispatching

  • Support of Windows® operating system

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Business Optimized. Business Accelerated.
  • End to end solution that provides authentication, data security and data integration

  • Ability to customize and optimize to fit business needs and strategies

  • Leverages existing investment in SAP ERP

  • Simplifies deployment and integration complexity

  • Includes latest features of SAP Work Manager and SAP Mobile

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  • Low Cost – no investment in expensive servers

  • Predictive costs for easy budgeting

  • Fast start-up

  • High reliability, availability and performance

  • Best-in-Class data protection and security

  • No additional burden on internal IT and Service Departments

  • Eliminate needs for software administration

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