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Enterprise Service Integration

We Make Complex Integration Simple.


Integrating all your systems and applications is a daunting challenge, particularly when you have different systems and facilities in locations around the world. More times than not, data is stored in different data sources/databases (in different and incompatible formats) and in different value scales.

The challenge becomes even more complex in choosing how to marry software, such as supply chain management applications, ERP systems, CRM applications and human resource systems, into a unified business strategy that optimizes efficiencies across departments and business lines while, at the same time, providing management the capability to manage operations from the ‘top down’ in real time with the ability to react swiftly to competitive pressures or market events that require immediate action.

With more than twenty five years’ experience solving these types of complex integration issues for some of the world’s leading companies, Axino can help ensure that your systems interconnections, data and product exchange processes and distributed computing environments operate harmoniously and seamlessly to ‘provide the right information at the right place and the right time.’ 

We’re able to help you identify optimal information structures, transactional platforms, business processes and infrastructures modeling processes that best serve your needs and requirements. We select the most appropriate solutions from our technology partners and combine them into an optimal solution structure that best supports your business strategy and needs. We can assist you in many ways, including:

  • Business Consulting
    Advising and assisting customers with interconnecting their Enterprise Service Management, ITSM, BSM, OSS/BSS solutions via best practices & generic solutions approach and preventing common pitfalls with data & status mapping, implementation of common data models, etc.

  • Systems Architecture
    Planning and implementing performant, stable, flexible, and scalable system architectures on the basis of standard components of our technology partners (as well as our own), including Oracle (Weblogic, Oracle Fusion Middleware etc.), IBM, BMC and others.

  • Solution Design 
    Creating integration solutions that fit customer requirements, scale with the growth of the business, and that are flexible to meet technology and business needs far into the future.

  • Service & Support 
    Providing certified and skilled experts help you in case your systems leave normal operations conditions. Our know-how and our skills support you in achieving the required service levels of your process interfaces.


Rapid access to applications in the cloud and on premise. Extensive tools that enable you to transform, restructure and aggregate your data to meet business demands. Real time data delivery, anytime, anywhere. Enhanced API capabilities to access and enrich data. 
All are just the few of the many benefits of Axino’s integration services.  

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Enterprise Service Management