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Getting Your Slow-Go TTWOS Systems on the Fast Track is Easily Said.

Now, it’s Easily Done.


Among the most labor-intensive (and costliest) challenges Carriers face today is efficient control over how trouble tickets and incident reports are managed and resolved. There are two key factors that drive systems performance and productivity:


  1. Systems must be able to talk with one another throughout the world and,

  2. OSS/BSS processes must be in place to resolve and prompt corrective action rapidly and cost effectively.


All too often incompatible systems and data formats force Carriers to resort to COTS solutions and time-consuming manual practices to handle what systems can’t.  And that comes at a very steep price: Costs escalate. The ability of Service Desks to respond slows. Customer relationships suffer. And revenue flattens -- just to cite a few of the many ways that incompatible or legacy systems and ineffective software negatively impact your network.


A Customized Approach. Without the Cost


Axino eliminates the technical constraints that prevent systems interoperability with a lightweight solution that includes all the bells and whistles of best-in-class TTWOS and Change Management platforms and then some – but without the cost.  It’s all aimed at optimizing your systems trouble ticket and change management capabilities. It enhances all the management processes involved – from Service Desk, Incident Reporting & Request Fulfillment to Change and Release Management and Service Level Agreement monitoring – to give you greater visibility and better control over TTWO process.


In the IT, service and network operations environment, Axino’s solution fits seamlessly into the process landscapes defined by TM-Forum on the one hand (eTom, NGOSS, Frameworx) while implementing ITIL® best practices for the various service management processes on the other.  TTWOS/ChaMPS can be run on a single server that has been sized appropriately as well as on a multi-tiered system with complete data and path redundancy. The system and network architecture of TTWOS/ChaMPS is flexible and easily adapted to business requirements with respect to number of users, scalability, availability and reliability.

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