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Global Access Telecom Environment


The Challenge

Many of the large international telecommunications companies operate from
locations all around the globe. Such dispersion increases the reliance on information systems to manage the business effectively. Delays, loss of information, ad-hoc communication through emails, documents and spread sheets lead to inconsistency, data duplication, lack of ownership and errors. International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) division of Deutsche Telekom AG was seeking a solution to:

  • Enable simple and effective data entry for voice orders.

  • Manage the process of review, Revision and approval in a consistent manner.

  • Break the barriers of Business Silos and integrate into various data Systems in each Business unit.

  • Model the Business process into a series of workflow

  • Track the process of Information build for an order as it crosses business units.

  • Document all the steps and revisions for all interconnect orders, albeit, new, upgrade, down grade, modification or cancellation.

  • Monitor Progress of the ordering process, escalate when necessary.

  • Monitor the utilization of the interconnection and support the capacity Management process after order is in place.

The Solution

Axino Solutions proposed integration of Maximo™ from IBM Tivoli® software suite, a standard off-the shelf work flow system.


Axino Solutions brought in the expertise of integration, interface development, and business know-how to provide a truly innovative solution that challenges the hidden boundaries within and across business function of carriers. Key components of GATE are:

  • An event driven Order Support System for managing interconnect orders.

  • Tracking porgress of orders across departments

  • Handling ownership and approval processes necessary for order processing

  • Seamlessly integrating to departmental systems to ensure that department specific systems are not starved of key information.

  • Monitoring and tracking orders and escalating when necessary.

  • Monitoring traffic on interconnects to ensure optimized circuit utilization.


GATE is easily adapted and configured to a variety of business situations. GATE
comes with a pre-built set of tools to integrate to most in-house and Enterprise
solutions either BSS or OSS. A variety of standard features are supported With
combination of Java and other tools the full features and functionality of GATE
and its underlying workflow system can be explited. Typical Supported platforms
of GATE are:

a. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
b. Oracle 9.0 or 10 on Linux or Sun Solaris

GATE has an n-tier architecture, which allows deployment across one or more
tiers. You can run GATE on a single physical server or across multiple servers
depending on the number of concurrent users and the hardware.

Cross departmental functions and business processes are transformed into a
seamless set of actions. Ownership is with each responsible individual/ department, while the whole process is seen a unitary “business function”.

The Challenge:

  • Create a seamless Decision making process

  • Integrate Order Processing functions

  • Manage and track orders from initial sales to implementation

  • Monitor operational performance of orders

The Solution:

  • A workflow based system for managing port order process

The Highlights:

  • Fast turn around of orders without loss of information

  • Clear ownership of responsibilities

  • Proper deocumentation of process cycle

  • Escalation and Tracking of responsibility

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