Has your company IT already reached the optimum in data exchange between planning and production level? 

The term industry is a broad field, but one thing is common to every organization: it uses tangible assets (HW/SW, IT and non-IT) and logical assets to provide services and create products.
We serve a wide range of industries with our solutions to help our customers get the maximum value from their assets.


An industry in which innovation, product development and rapid market introduction are the driving force. OEMs and suppliers must therefore fully optimize their complex supply chains and logistics to remain competitive and, above all, profitable.

With our solutions, we help you manage your assets and internal processes to improve all areas of your business. We take an open, standards-based approach to help organizations eliminate legacy systems and obsolete technologies. We deliver the latest technology in automated processes, including modular “building block” solutions that enable your business to build strong system foundations step-by-step, proven over time. This includes solutions for process and system optimization, e.g. for faster time to market, building brand loyalty, improving supply chain and processes or increasing revenue.

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Mechanical Engineering

Even in the field of mechanical engineering, nothing works without IT these days. The software accompanies it, so to speak. Mechanical and plant engineering is characterized by a high depth of added value and an enormous variety of products: Industrial plants and machines are built to individual customer requirements, even down to the smallest components. In order for machine and plant manufacturers to keep pace worldwide, they must produce cost-effectively along the entire value chain. Axino Solutions offers the right tools and customized solutions for this, e.g. using IBM Maximo.

Energy, Oil and Gas


Few industries personify the global nature of business (and all its complexity) than the energy and the oil and gas industry. These rough-and-tumble businesses evoke images of deep sea oil platforms and exploration in the most remote regions of the world. But the challenges they face are not all that different from those confronting other companies operating in the global marketplace. The common denominator for managing such large scale (and far-flung) operations is the capability of your IT and enterprise systems. It’s what makes it all happen. Optimal systems' performance makes your business more efficient, more profitable and more capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges head-on.

Chemica- and Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies rely on Axino systems optimization services and software solutions to answer the new challenges they are facing in today’s health-care climate. They use our service solutions to collect and manage the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of clinical trial data they encounter today. Axino’s automated work management processes operate 24x7 – and in real time – to provide companies greater visibility into operations. As an integrator AND developer, Axino provides health care companies the flexibility of managed services, which assures secure and scalable computing platform and applications.

Health Care

Due to the ever-increasing administrative burden in terms of financial matters and patient documentation, healthcare institutions also require increasingly complex IT systems. To keep a healthcare system operational, it is essential to minimize equipment response times, increase patient safety, ensure efficient service and maintenance and ensure compliance with changing policies, laws and regulations. With our IT solutions and the appropriate software and hardware components, we support healthcare institutions in meeting and mastering these challenges.

Transportation and Logistic

The requested, right goods must be at the right place at the right time. An optimized IT helps you to keep the necessary overview to make the right decisions for growth and thus for the success of your company. This is all about managing complexity: having immediate and unrestricted access to all your data at all times and maintaining an overview of all complex processes, continuously evaluating key figures, immediately identifying and eliminating irregularities.

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