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Our Markets




This is an industry where innovation, product development and speed to market are driving forces.  That’s why OEMs and suppliers must fully optimize their complex supply chains and logistics to remain competitive and, above all, profitable.


Our solutions help you manage your assets and internal practices to enhance all areas of your business. We employ an open, standards-based approach to helping companies migrate away from legacy systems and outdated technology.  We bring you state-of-the-art to automated processes, including modular ‘building block’ solutions that enable your company to build strong systems foundations one step at a time – and, most importantly, foundations that will stand the test of time. Our enterprise asset management and service management solutions optimize systems and processes to:

Increase Speed to Market

  • Enhance sourcing of components globally and ensure JIT delivery

  • Support lean and flexible manufacturing processes

  • Globalize procurement and transportation management


Optimize Supply Chain and Delivery Processes 

  • Align sales forecasts and manufacturing plans across the enterprise

  • Improve demand forecasting accuracy by incorporating OEM, internal, and third-party projections

  • Optimize inventory across global supply chain


Improve Sales and Build Brand Loyalty

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the ownership lifecycle

  • Increase market intelligence

  • Grow aftermarket business

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 Energy, Oil & Gas 

Few industries personify the global nature of business (and all its complexity) than the energy and the oil and gas industry.


These rough-and-tumble businesses evoke images of deep sea oil platforms and exploration in the most remote regions of the world.  But the challenges the that they face are not all that different from those confronting other companies operating in the global marketplace. All share the same need to:


  • Manage and leverage assets throughout their lifecyle;

  • Maintain equipment and avoid disruptions;

  • Ensure supply chains and distribution outlets are as efficient as possible;

  • And manage investment and strategic directives, and more.


The common denominator for managing such large scale (and far flung) operations is the capability of your IT and enterprise systems. It’s what makes it all happen. Optimal systems performance makes your business more efficient, more profitable and more capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges head-on.


Our integration and development services help energy, oil and gas companies in the following areas:


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One of the most challenging tasks in today’s food industry is controlling the product quality throughout the food supply chain. Retailers need to be able to review temperature developments and look at forecasts with the objective to increase the security of foodstuffs by continuously monitoring the temperature and condition of cooling furniture and by dynamically forecasting the core temperature of perishable foods.

The insights gained through this extensive monitoring will be incorporated into the retailer’s improvement plans, such as optimized energy use and maintenance of the facilities.

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 Pharmaceutical & Medical Devise Companies 


Pharmaceutical and medical device companies rely on Axino systems optimization services and software solutions to answer the new challenges they are facing in today’s health-care climate.  They use our service solutions to collect and manage the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of clinical trial data they encounter today.  Axino’s automated work management processes operate 24x7 – and in real time – to provide companies greater visibility into operations and the ability to:


  • Verify that trials are optimized for cost, timeline, resources, and feasibility

  • Automate and use simple workflows to capture key data, accelerate clinical trial setup and clinical data acquisition, as well as reconciliation, aggregation and analysis

  • Be ‘all systems go’ for E2B(R3) and eMDR electronic reporting standards

  • Evaluate clinical and post-marketing safety through advanced data mining and business development tools

  • Incorporate genomic data into clinical R&D to enable more targeted, biomarker-driven clinical trials to optimize results

As an integrator AND developer, Axino provides health care companies the flexibility of managed services, which assures secure and scalable computing platform and applications.


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The need to modernize is as old as the day is long. Especially in today’s public-service sector.  It’s a continuing battle, and one that Axino is well-equipped to help public governments and municipalities achieve.


Our solutions enable government to better serve an increasing and diverse populace and become more responsive, efficient, and accountable in the process. Just as important during tight economic times, Axino’s solutions help governments reduce cost and inefficiencies plus increase interdepartmental or interagency visibility to improve internal and external communication.

Our IT services help governments to transform legacy systems to meet 21st century needs and optimize work management procedures to increase productivity and preserve resources.  Among the many services we provide are:


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 International Wholesale Telecommunications 


Carriers and other companies engaged in international wholesale or other business-to-business models can no longer rely on antiquated legacy systems and old-school practices that don’t begin to address the challenges they face today.  Instead, they require complex systems and development solutions to increase efficiency and overall profitability. Carriers, in particular, rely on us for solutions that automate contract processes and eliminate manual processes that are costly and time consuming.

Our solutions enable users to conduct and exchange contracts with one another in the fraction of the time it takes with typical IT services. The processes automate verification, pricing, contract obligations, traffic and volume commitments, traffic origins, and other data to optimize operations and network efficiency. Other tools include mining capabilities and the capability to model business cases and conduct ‘what if’ scenarios to determine profitability and risk. Solutions include:

  • B2BSimpleX – Construct and exchange interconnect agreements in blazing speed and error free. Real time capability to monitor contract performance, modify agreements and exchange side letters, inform partners about price and destination charges, verify dial code lists, volumes and other ongoing terms and conditions.

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  • Ips (InterCarrier Process Support System) –  Optimize legacy systems one step a time with modular components to power and drive your interconnect business – everything from A-number support and on-demand CDR archive and analysis to advanced financial tools for real time reconciliation and billing processes (voice and non-voice services).

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  • Fraud Detection & Data Analysis (FAST) – Identify and thwart wholesale fraud threats, such as bypass, IRSF messaging and VoIP fraud, by accessing, correlating and analyzing xDR, Aggregated xDR and Subscriber xDRs in real time. Game-changing SVM (Support Vector Machines) and robust ‘In-Memory’ technology protects revenue and margins!

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  • Invoice$hark – Real time invoice validation, dispute management and payment clearance solution. Solution ‘groups and matches’ incoming statement lines with internal cost and revenue projections and identifies excessive termination costs.

  • CLI Checking CLI Checking is the managed service provided by Axino Solutions which monitors the technical quality of telco services. The service addresses Service Assurance needs through the generation of transactions and by providing KPIs about the actual quality level of service.
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  • SelfCare - Axino’s SelfCare application reverses the drain on staffing and financial resources by eliminating outdated telephone and manual processes and creating a new channel to supercharge your CRM. The application’s automated workflows and tools enable Channel Managers to bypass Customer Service to better manage inventory, scheduling and fulfillment processes.
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  • TTWOS With our Trouble Ticket & Work Order System (TTWOS), Axinos Solutions presents a field-proven solution for incident management, problem management and service request fulfillment. TTWOS defines procedures and processes based on best practices of an international telecommunication provider.
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  • ChaMPS - Change Management Process. ChaMPS is the solution for IT change management and for the networks of telecommunications providers. ChaMPS is not just a technical system, but a field-proven solution for managing change processes based on the condensed good practices of an international telecommunications provider. 
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