Fully integrated maintenance management system

The Challenge

In times of high competitive pressure, it is more important than ever to remain competitive by minimizing costs while maintaining or even improving quality and delivery reliability.

This applies to all companies across all industries - such as chemical and pharmaceutical companies, energy providers, automotive manufacturers, IT and telecommunications companies, etc. - who operate their business with the help of technical equipment and also those who provide the technical service for it.

A decisive competitive factor is an efficient maintenance management system. Axino Solutions relies on the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management product. We have been successfully implementing Maximo projects for a wide range of customers since 1999.

The current version 7.6 offers a mature and proven system that uses state-of-the-art technology. Maximo has a scalable service-oriented architecture. The actual Maximo software runs on a central application server. Employees only need a standard web browser to use the software. There is no need to install the software at individual workstations, so that support costs are minimized here as well.

Maximo EAM consists of the six central modules:

  • Asset Management

  • Order management

  • Service Management

  • Supply Management

  • Materials Management

  • Contract Management

With Maximo, preventive, predictive, routine and unscheduled maintenance can be optimally implemented. Maximo is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to a wide range of customer requirements in terms of organization, processes and maintenance strategies. In addition, a wide range of connectors and interfaces (SAP, Oracle, OPC, etc.) make it possible to integrate the system into production and corporate IT.

When it comes to automatically optimizing the resource planning of maintenance or service organizations or to visually support the schedulers in the allocation of maintenance orders, the add-on product IBM Maximo Scheduler is used. The Scheduler is fully integrated into Maximo. The scheduler can distribute orders graphically to employees using drag and drop. An automatic mode is also available, which carries out shift planning based on employee knowledge, calculated travel times, employee availability and required material, SLAs and other customer-specific factors.

Both individual employees and columns can be scheduled. Further advantages of the IBM Maximo Scheduler are capacity planning and the possibility to simulate "what-if" scenarios. The IBM Maximo Scheduler is configurable and can therefore be optimally adapted to the specific needs of the service organization. IBM Maximo Scheduler results in lower costs, improved visibility and control, and increased efficiency and revenue.

Other Products

In addition to the main component IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, Axino Solutions uses other products for a fully integrated maintenance management system. For example, the products SAP Mobile Inventory Manager or SAP Mobile Work Manager are used to equip warehouse workers or maintenance personnel with mobile devices. The software enables employees, for example, to compare warehouse stocks online with Maximo on site or to make order confirmations directly at the location of the system to be maintained. This further optimizes processes, eliminates "paperwork" and automates the documentation of work performed.

Standard PDAs, smartphones and tablets are used as mobile devices. But also "ruggedized" devices (e.g. of the companies Panasonic, Motorola, Intermec, etc.) can be used in more demanding environments. Mobile devices with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows operating system are supported.

Years of experience in the interaction of the products makes Axino Solutions' solutions particularly attractive, as the optimal combination is always used, thus ensuring that costs are reduced while productivity and quality increase.

The task:

  • Increase of productivity

  • Increase in quality

  • cost minimization

The solution:

  • a fully integrated maintenance management system

The highlights:

  • Everything from one source

  • Robust and scalable

  • Customizable

The system can easily be extended to include further applications in store service, for which standard sensors are already available today or where new sensors have to be designed and manufactured with reasonable effort. Such IoT-based processes are for example

  • Proof of unbroken cold chains (e.g. by monitoring roll pallets)

  • Demand cleaning and pest control

  • condition-based maintenance for building services engineering

  • Waste management (measurement of container levels)

  • Car Park Management

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