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AXINO.IoT for Retail -- Support your Quality Control. 

With the increasing digitization of the business world, new solutions for the evaluation of data, use of sensors and targeted processing of large amounts of data are essential.


Axino Solutions' "Quality 4.0" approach supplements "Industry 4.0" with the component Quality Management in the digitization of business processes. This pioneering solution provides retailers with branch management with advanced analysis and forecasting capabilities to increase their quality assurance.

The solution supports the HACCP processes (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for quality assurance and is based on the combination of an automated and self-sufficient sensor-monitoring of cooling furniture and a special forecasting algorithm within an analytics and management application.

Axino.IoT for Retails is an end-to-end IoT solution developed by Axino Solutions AG in cooperation with the Institute for Applied Simulations (IAS) and the Institute for Food and Drinks Innovations (ILGI) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. It is based on Axino hardware and software components using a low-power network (LPN).

Designed for a long service life, the system requires little operating efforts in terms of maintenance and management of the individual sensor modules. It can be easily extended to other applications.

Examples of IoT based processes are:

  • Detection of complete cooling-chains (e.g. by monitoring rolling pallets)

  • Cleaning on demand and pest control according to condition or event

  • Initiation of condition-based maintenance for facility services and engineering

  • Consumption monitoring via retrofittable sub-meters (shop-in-shop counters or individual monitoring of single items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, elevators and escalators, lighting,...)

  • Waste management (measuring level of container)

  • Parking lot management on open spaces

A large number of sensor types for standard applications are already available on the market today or, where required, can be designed and manufactured by Axino Solutions at a reasonable cost. 

Axino IoT Solutions

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