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Oct 30, 2015 | by Axino Solutions

ips System Gives Carriers More Choice to ‘Use What they Need, When they Need it’

November 2, 2015 - Axino Systems & Solutions, today announced new releases of its enriched Inter-carrier Support System (ips) to provide wholesale carriers with highly flexible applications that enables them to migrate away from outdated legacy systems one step at a time. The comprehensive solution, also available as a platform, will help carriers better manage the growing complexity of billing and reconciliation practices.

The solution contains a range of components that serve as building blocks to fit functional gaps in existing billing and revenue assurance systems. The stand-alone modules include automated solutions for rating practices, such as validating traffic origins, call records, pricing and other bilateral contract items, as well as auditing, mediation and financial analysis modules, among others.

“The Inter-Carrier Support System gives carriers broad latitude in deciding how best to upgrade and optimize their interconnect processes to meet today’s challenges,” said Hendrik Rollinger, Head of Wholesale Carrier Business. “The enhanced capability to mine CDRs in real-time will help carriers grow business and allow them to shift resources to other areas of the business.”

Automated Solutions Developed to Grow as Business Grows

The ips system helps prevent revenue leakage via automated processes that instantly validate whether bills and declarations match prices lists and rated traffic. The automation makes billing and declarations much more accurate because it eliminates errors that that can occur from inntegrating multiple spreadsheets and other data bases. Features of some of the ips modules include:

  • ipsRP (Rating Processor):  Defines ratings groups, such as volume commitments, basic charge commitments, discounts and volume band price functions (tiered and/or reversed);

  • ipsAudit:  Provides workflows with integrated payment and revenue controls, including the capability to generate dispute letters and correction notes with a simple click;

  • ipsMediation: Complements existing switching network with new and alternative VoIP products by handling records from a variety of sources, including Binary, ASN.1, AMA, ASCii, among others. It correlates records from multiple switches to provide a single record that represents the correct inbound and outbound information;

  • ispFA (Financial Analysis):  Allows for instant analysis of loses, unmet volumes and otherkey financial data for ultra-fast resolution. The module enables users to slice and dice data and monitor contacts in real-time, evaluate business case scenarios, and spot areas of potential growth.


As an automated solution, ips eliminates the time and expense – and errors resulting from manual inputting and thumbing through paper invoices – to help carriers shift much needed resources to other areas of the business. Users are able to generate outgoing invoices with a simple click and trackpayment information over visual displays. Other modules include financial analysis tools that provide real-time views of termination rate agreements and contract performance, eliminating the complexities of multi-vendor switch providers and CDR compatibilities.

Automated Interconnect Processes from ‘A to Z’

The need to migrate from legacy systems to automated solutions has never been greater — or more critical. With the growth of the Internet and proliferation of OTT services, carriers can no longer afford to agree to unnecessary settlement splits due to the inability to match CDRs with pricing and origins. Carriers are also faced with growing instances of fraud by shadow operators that use a variety of devises to avoid interconnect fees. According to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), revenue leakage and fraud are costing global telecoms more than US $80 billion each year.

Axino Solutions has been in the forefront of helping carriers change the paradigm. Recently, Axino Systems & Solutions brought its new FAST Revenue Assurance solution to the market. The solution provides carriers with the real-time ability to spot and stop suspicious network activity. That solution follows the company’s roll-out of its new B2BSimpleX platform, which helps carriers facilitate the negotiation,implementation and monitoring of bilateral agreements. Taken together, Axino Solutions is one of the few OSS/BSS provider able to provide a single automated solution covering the entire interconnect process, all through its own development, integration and customer service teams around the world.

“We are proud to be able to provide an array of services carriers worldwide can rely on to automate back-end process to facilitate and improve business,” said Rollinger. “Whether it’s a one-stop need or a build as you go need, we’ve developed an entry point for everyone.”

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