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CDR Pairing, verification and reporting


In the inter-carrier business carriers send invoices to each other. It happens, that an
invoice is disputed completely or partially. Often the underlying CDRs are sent to substantiate the dispute.

In order to verify the received CDRs, the receiver has to extract corresponding CDRs
from his own database and link them to the received ones. Facing the fact that we talk about thousands or hundreds of thousands of CDRs this is almost impossible to do without the support of appropriate software.

With ipsPairify we introduce an innovative product that allows these tasks to be carr-ied out quickly and efficiently. Most tasks are performed fully automatically. This in-cludes time shift determination, CDR to call conversion, call to call pairing and all statistical calculations. All statistical results and reports can be exported.

The Challenge

  • find and verify thousands or hundreds of thousands of received CDRs with corresponding own CDRs

  • determine timeshifts between corresponding CDRs due to the different time zones and used swiches

  • determine splitting rules of the received CDRs due to the fact, that normally long duration calls are split into several CDRs

  • analyze and consider that call numbers may be are ‚mutilated‘. For example, the country codes are not supplied, or the last part of call numbers are anonymous

  • analyze and consider that CDR durations scatter due to the different split rules and registration methods of the switches

It is impossible to meet this challenge manually. You need intelligent software that:


a tool that is easy to handle and provides reliable results.

Your benefit:

  • time savings

  • cost savings

  • detect anamalies and irregularities

  • achieve and hold reliable results

SimpleX Premium

imports and processes both data streams

contains an intelligent ‚pairing‘ algorithm to link and analyze corresponding calls automatically

offers comprehensive statistics and reporting

This is ipsPairify

ipsPairify offers following features:

  • bulk data upload

  • Option: own data can be extracted from store@once. Interface adaption to existing mass storage systems possible

  • automated generation of calls

  • automated determination of time shifts

  • automated ‚pairing‘ of the calls including quality statements

  • CDR-based statistics und reports

  • call-based statistics und reports

  • pairing-based statistics und reports


ipsPairify is available in three installations variants:

  • local

       ipsPairify will run as stand-alone application.

  • server

       ipsPairify runs inside your network on a dedicated server and can be used by            multiple users in parallel

  • integrated

       ipsPairify will be embedded into your IT landscape with automated interfaces to        other IT-systems.

We are offering a license model which adapts to your Needs. 


  • support during installation and integration

  • maintenance and application support

  • trainings

This solution is developed and implemented in cooperation with:

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