Mobile controller maintenance in gas networks

The Challenge:

Gas suppliers have long since recognized that IT-supported processes in technical service have a high potential for savings and quality improvement.

Considerable process optimization in the area of legally required regulator maintenance in gas networks can be achieved by processing orders without paper. This requires a system solution that provides service technicians with maintenance orders electronically. It must also ensure that this data is transmitted securely and correctly between employees and company headquarters.

The Solution:

Axino Solutions Mobile Controller Maintenance is the solution for efficient maintenance of gas pressure control and measuring systems.

For this, employees need a mobile device through which they receive and process their orders. Depending on the operating conditions, this can be a low-cost consumer PDA, an industrial PDA or even a tablet PC. Usually, the corresponding maintenance orders of a planning square or area are assigned to a technician responsible for it. Our solution first ensures that the order is securely transferred to the technician's terminal.

The mobile application contains all important functions that support the technician in the efficient processing of his orders:

  • Order overview - List of the system to be maintained

  • Display and correction of master data, e.g. location data

  • Recording of maintenance work carried out

  • Recording of working and travel times to the order

  • Feedback of other defects and possible follow-up measures

  • Capture of the signature

  • Generation of a resilient operational document for archiving in a document management system

The technology:

The solution from Axino Solutions has already proven itself successfully in use. It is based on SAP Mobile Platform (SMP). Numerous references underline the quality of this product and its suitability for use by energy suppliers, production companies and service providers.


The features of this platform include

  • Synchronization via GSM, GPRS, WLAN, LAN, Cradle

  • Secured and guaranteed data transmission

  • Highly scalable and performant (load balancing)

  • Central administration of mobile applications

  • Highly efficient central distribution and remote update of mobile applications

The advantages:

  • No printing of orders

  • No manual distribution

  • Reduction of travel times, since the fetching & delivery of order papers is no longer necessary

  • No manual transfer of confirmations to the order management

  • Rework in the central office minimal

  • Feedback with high data quality according to legal requirements

  • Guaranteed feedback

  • Depending on the status of the controller, follow-up work/orders are recorded immediately

The highlights:

  • Optimisation of maintenance of gas pressure control and measuring systems

  • cost minimization

  • Increase of data quality

  • regulatory compliance

The customer:

  • Frankfurt public utility company

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