Looking for the overall digital solution for your administration?

The need for modernization is as old as the day is long. Above all, and especially in the public-sector, it is an ongoing process to reduce superfluous bureaucracy by means of efficient IT structures. Axino Solutions is ideally equipped to support public authorities and municipalities in this process.


Our solutions enable public sector organizations to better serve a growing and diverse population, while becoming more responsive, efficient and accountable. Axino Solutions' help to reduce costs and inefficiencies in tight times, increase transparency between agencies or their departments and improve internal and external communication. 


Our IT services help government agencies transform legacy systems to meet the demands of the 21st century and optimize workflows to increase productivity and conserve resources.

Our comprehensive services for the public administration include:

  • IT infrastructure consulting and system optimization

  • Integrated work management processes to promote cooperation and project speed

  • Corporate management, risk and compliance assurance

  • Solutions for financial management

  • Public planning and budgeting

  • Contract Lifecycle Management for the public sector

  • Case management and CRM solutions

Our Solutions

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