Plant Asset Management in the Chemical & Pharama Industry

The Challenge

In the course of the general economic crisis, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is under high competitive pressure, so that highest priority is given to increased productivity and minimization of costs. Plants must be operated efficiently and optimally utilized. Production interruptions should be avoided if possible.

The process industry also faces the problem that extensive legal regulations must be observed and, in addition, compliance with the regulations must be fully documented at all times.

Plant Asset Management concepts (guideline VDI/VDE 2651 sheet 1) create new possibilities for the comprehensive management of production plants in the process industry. Ideally, information about the production capability and the effectiveness of the use of all plant components is made constantly available, so that improved support for various optimization tasks in the plant is made possible.

The Solution:

Axino Solutions offers a solution for Plant Asset Management in the process industry based on the proven IBM Maximo platform. Maximo provides comprehensive support for maintenance and plant asset management. It optimizes the management of plant, equipment, buildings and IT assets on a single platform and helps you comply with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR, Part 11 (Food and Drug Administration, USA) or international ISO standards.

Maximo can support the entire lifecycle of each asset. From requisitioning to purchasing, inventory control, maintenance, repair, documentation and decommissioning.

With Maximo, preventive, predictable, routine maintenance and unscheduled repairs can be optimally implemented. It offers extensive configuration options that improve processes, simplify monitoring and automate documentation. Maximo includes resource and service management as well as the ability to integrate calibration and mobile calibration. It offers support for CAPA and can be connected to RFID, SCADA and LIMS systems.

The highlights:

  • Reduced downtime

  • Optimized productivity and quality

  • Compliance with standards and regulations

  • Improved process flows

  • Minimized costs

  • Increased margins

Our solution enables you to react quickly and efficiently to a wide range of events. For example, accidents or even disasters can be avoided at an early stage on the basis of available measurement data or technician feedback. In the event of an accident, emergency services can be comprehensively informed more quickly. Management is better informed about the progress of solutions in the event of critical events. Of course, changes to the equipment, operation or maintenance can also be managed with Maximo.

Last but not least, Maximo offers a wide range of connectors and interfaces (for example Oracle and SAP) to fit into the rest of the company's IT, but also to collect data from intelligent field devices in the plant and provide or even recommend measures for optimized decision-making regarding necessary maintenance measures. Resource planning as well as the connection of technicians via mobile devices can also be easily implemented, thus eliminating the need for paper documentation.

Axino Solutions' Plant Asset Management solutions based on IBM Maximo help you reduce downtime, increase productivity and quality, comply with standards and regulations, improve processes and ultimately minimize costs and improve margins.

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