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March, 2018 | from Axino Solutions

Digital temperature measurement method from Axino Solutions monitors refrigerated shelves

Aachen/Zürich, March 2018 

The Swiss retailer Migros relies on a solution from the Aachen-based IT company Axino Solutions for the digital monitoring of its refrigerated shelves. Together with the Institute for Applied Simulation (IAS) and the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI) of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW Wädenswil, the developers at Axino Solutions have developed an algorithm to determine the core temperature of food very accurately without contact. This innovative technology is used to monitor fresh and dairy products.

This new measuring method is integrated into a complete system consisting of software backend and frontend and hardware such as sensors, PCs, tablets and mobile phones. As a digital integrator, Axino Solutions has developed a complete package that significantly improves the quality of temperature monitoring and significantly reduces the workload of branch employees.

For the transmission of data from the sensors to the servers, "Axino.IoT.FoodSafety", as the system is called, uses a Low Power Network (LPN) based on the LoRa (Long Range) protocol. As the name suggests, the protocol is suitable for signal transmission over long distances (up to 18 kilometers). With only six antennas, for example, the entire Zurich city area is covered. And LoRa has yet another advantage: data transmission consumes very little energy, and the sensors in the refrigerated shelves can operate with a set of batteries for around 10 years. From the transmitted measured values and the newly developed forecast algorithm, the application calculates the core temperature for different groups of goods. Thus the core temperature of the food can be determined down to +- 1 K, and this without contact. For a more accurate forecast of temperature development and for better temperature control, other factors such as weather data are also included in the calculation.

Die Mitarbeiter von Migros greifen über IOS und Android per Tab oder Smartphone und natürlich mit einem PC auf die Temperaturdaten zu und sparen sich so viele Wege und Zeit, und die Lebensmittel werden immer perfekt gekühlt, ohne große Temperaturschwankungen. Bestens gekühlt bleiben die Produkte länger haltbar, und müssen nicht verdorben weggeworfen werden.

Migros employees access the temperature data via IOS and Android by tab or smartphone and, of course, with a PC, thus saving many ways and time, and the food is always perfectly chilled without major temperature fluctuations. In the best case scenario, the products can be kept longer and do not have to be thrown away spoiled.


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