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Sep 24, 2015 | by Axino Solutions

Solution Mines xDRS in-Real Time to Identify, Block Suspicious Traffic

September 24, 2015 - Axino Systems & Solutions today announced that its new Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance Solution (FAST) provides carriers with the type of game-changing technology that allows them to spot and halt back-alley operators from employing fraudulent and illegal schemes to avoid interconnect fees.

The solution opens a new chapter in carrier efforts to stem the tide against growing numbers of flimflam operators that use SIMBOX’s, IMEI schemes and other devices to mask traffic origins and destinations. According to the Communications and Fraud Control Association (CFCA), fraud is costing carriers more than US $80 billion every year.

“Carrier systems have been a step behind in preventing network fraud,” said Michael Wallrath, Managing Director, Axino System & Solutions.” With FAST, carriers gain the upper hand to combat and stop illegal network schemes that cost carriers much-needed revenue.”

Real-Time Application Tracks Suspicious Network Activity

The FAST solution provides carriers with real-time capabilities to identify suspicious traffic patterns and origins when they first begin to emerge. The solution uses SVM (Support Vector Machines) Machine Learning (ML) and robust ‘In-Memory’ technologies to instantly access and correlate xDR, Aggregated xDR and Subscriber xDRs. The solution includes comprehensive data-mining capabilities users can employ to slice and dice call records to identify SMS origins and traffic deviation.

FAST contains more than 200 built-in fraud scenarios to monitor traffic patterns and network behavior that can lead to fraud. If fraud occurs or a user-defined threshold is breached before fraud actually occurs, FAST alerts designated users, who can then put automated reconciliation processes and other corrective measures into play.

The solution is low cost, simple to install and available as a stand-alone service or part of Axino Solutions comprehensive ‘A to Z’ solution, which can be deployed to automate the entire interconnect process, such as contract negotiation and management, billing and reconciliation, business development and other back- office functions.

FAST Takes the ‘Legacy’ Out of Carrier Systems for Good

Axino Solutions developed FAST to provide the carrier community with a long-lasting solution to a long-held problem. There are no limits to the criteria or parameters users can set to view the data they want to see, when they want to see it. Users are able to examine records from multiple viewpoints — Subscriber, Device, Customer, Network and Carriers, etc. — and analyze data by filters such as business type, revenue class, contract age, credit limits and zip codes, to name a few. FAST enables carriers to:

  • Verify lists (A-Number, B-Number, IMSI, IMEI, Country, etc.)

  • Match suspicious behavior to specific fraud actions

  • Create ‘Rules’ with Boolean Logic for new case conditions

  • Detect complex SIMBOX scenarios (stationary or moving, high call diversity, unusual usage and profiles, no SMS, ties to low tariffs, etc.)

  • Verify prepaid systems, voucher serial numbers

  • Detect national and international roaming irregularities

  • Block IRSF Numbers; prevent PBX hacking, SIM stuffing


The solution’ easy to use assurance functions make quick work of any billing errors or anomalies. FAST instantly verifies tariffs and ratings, and computes single, daily, weekly and monthly interconnect charges to ensure service usage is in line with provisioning.

In addition, FAST provides flexible configuration of multiple streams in order to ‘compare streams,’ such as Switch to Bill, Switch to Prepaid and so forth. All incoming data, regardless of format, is tabulated and corrected, eliminating the time and cost of present-day fraud systems. Reconciliation reports can be generated and aggregated daily, weekly and monthly, along with automated monitoring to track and ensure compliance.

Data that Builds Revenue

FAST also does double-duty as a business development tool. The solution’s advanced data mining capabilities enables users to identify areas of the network that are underutilized and primed for growth, including areas of the network where efficiencies can be optimized.

Dashboards can be set up to graphically display the busiest network cells and traffic routes, most commonly used international and premium destinations, dips and peaks in network traffic, SMS origins and revenue per day by customer segment, among a few.

“FAST will have a significant impact on carrier revenues,” said Wallrath. “The solution will not only help carriers squelch staggering levels of network fraud, but provides them with a wide range of data mining tools that can be used to facilitate and optimize network operations and business development.”

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