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Letting your Customers contribute to your Success.

Managing and meeting the needs of your business and corporate mobile accounts grows more difficult by the day – and more costly. The proliferation of mobile devices and the reliance on them to conduct everyday business is taxing the ability of Customer Service departments and personnel to keep pace. 

Axino’s SelfCare application reverses the drain on staffing and financial resources along each link of the chain. Our innovative solution eliminates outdated telephone and manual processes and creates a SelfCare channel that supercharges your CRM and ability to increase revenue streams.

The application’s automated workflows and tools enable Channel Managers to bypass Customer Service to better manage inventory, scheduling and fulfillment processes — and with far fewer resources.  SelfCare’s automated functionality does the heavy lifting, allowing users to collaborate and share information and view operational status and issues in real time.
As a result, the time and cost it takes to accomplish everything from inventory checks, product deliveries and service and rate updates to vendor scheduling and troubleshooting are significantly reduced. SelfCare and its ‘real time anywhere, anytime’ capabilities also enable users to set up dashboards to view data and essential tasks at any given time. 

On the Customer side, your customers are provided visibility and empowerment over their accounts though a web-based, securely-accessed SelfCare application that allows them to access details of their mobile inventory and services.  By bringing in customers as ’partners’ in the process, the time and cost (or FTEs) customer service personnel spend answering questions and walking customers through purchasing decisions are eliminated.

Just as important, the SelfCare solution improves your relationships with customers because they are able to access and view their inventory and make changes, such as user IDs and addresses at any given time.  That frees you up from having to spend the time and cost on administrative tasks. In addition, the SelfCare solution provides you a channel from which to sell upgrades or new plans. 

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Enterprise Service Management 

Fast ROI

  • Simple Integration & Deployment

  • Low Cost ~ Web-based, Secure Access

  • Agile and Flexible GUI

  • Eliminates Redundant Customer Service Practices

    • Recover Resources & Apply to other Business Areas

    • Save 40-50 FTE’s when Deployed

    • Increase Productivity

    • Real-time Order Processing

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Company Side:

  • Lower Costs

  • Increased Agent Productivity

  • Better Operations Efficiency 

  • Reduced Ticket Volume

  • New Marketing/Sales Channel

Customer Side:

  • Around-the-Clock Assistance

  • Instant Access to Inventory & Pricing

  • Omnichannel Support of Customer Options (eliminates customer need to repeat or re-explain the problem each time they are transferred or switched to another 

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