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Telecom Solutions & Carrier Wholesale Business

Our team of experienced consultants and software engineers have extensive experience of  telecommunications wholesale, mobile and retail markets. Over the past three decades we have had the opportunity to work with large enterprise customers, creating award winning state-of-art solutions that seamlessly integrate into and across business units of our clients. 


Our aim is to become an arm of your enterprise that understands the commercial requirements of the evolving business and able to map the changes into business support systems in timely and efficient manner.

Our contribution to your business is many fold

  • Business analysis, and process modelling

  • Business transformation and efficiency gains

  • Enterprise engineering solutions utilising latest technologies including our solution toolkit complimented with bespoke development

  • On premise, or cloud solutions

    • hosted on cloud provider of your choice

    • In any of our data centres in Germany, within EU or across the world.

  • Support services ranging from total managed service solution to on-demand support programmes


Our value proposition

We provide clear and transparent pricing.  Our solutions are modular and can be deployed as a whole or incrementally.  Our deployments address the gaps and lead to increased revenue recognition and profitability.


Consulting work is quoted with a clear fee structure, number of specialists involved, and level of effort of each member in the consulting team. We further provide a preliminary Statement of Work prior to engagement based on initial discussions, interim reports agreed with our clients and detailed report of the outcomes at conclusion, including recommendations and next steps.


Our system deployments normally complement the existing enterprise. Although they can easily replace and retire legacy systems with the out-of-box functionality of our solution toolkit.  Our Solutions are offered in fixed price models (capital expenditure and operational support costs) or as managed service with an initial setup fee followed by monthly managed service fees.

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Enterprise engineering augmented with our Solution Tool Kit

Our solution tool kit addresses many of the gaps and shortcomings of current wholesale interconnect systems. Gaps in business process handovers between systems and users are handled, as well as novel features for collaboration and integration to internal and external systems.


Our business and regulatory know-how of the market enables us to respond quickly to the requirements of our customers.  A casing example: in 2013 we empowered our customer to proactively respond to the introduction of Origin-Based-Rates in the market. Our analysis and subsequent adjustment to our installed pre-processing module enabled the customer to adopt the OBR and manage the transition smoothly cy continuing to user their existing interconnect enterprise system.


Our solution portfolio is intended to minimise the disruption to your business. While we use our toolkit to enhance the business function of our customers, our tool kit platform is capable of totally replacing the enterprise functions.  We realise that total replacement of existing systems may not be the preferred option for many enterprises. We offer incremental, minimal disruption transition of systems to ensure that business profitability is optimised, and users are not adversely impacted by change and they can adjust and understand the changes and realise how our solutions further enhance their tasks.

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Dario Capolongo

Head of Carrier Wholesale Solutions

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Klaas Scheppink

Senior Business Consultant

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Anne Wallenborn

Key Account Manager

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