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Solutions for the Carrier Wholesale Business

Are you looking for new and innovative solutions?

With us you will find a wide range of already existing applications. These will be customised to your needs.

Everything from a single source - we manage your IT so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. 

Here you have a small overview of current solutions.

Do you have a specific scenario in mind? Perhaps you can already find it in our case overview. Take a look at it.   

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Business Steering Center

The Go-To location for every account manager and executive to monitor and manage daily operation. ​Business Steering Centre empowers users to look at the business and their responsibility areas at a high level and incrementally dive down to detail and identify issues and opportunities.


Event Reconciliation
Tired of for ever arguments of whose data is the correct version? Here's  help.

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Signaling and Data event Processing
Efficiently processing huge volumes of data for variety of purposes.


Dispute Management 
Rigour is everything. Our Dispute management platform detects discrepancies in invoice line items.


Calling Line Analysis
A comprehensive framework for call-by-call analysis of call when integrated to the switch network.


Complex Contract Management
Our award winning software is the most comprehensive and easy to use contract modelling tool in the telecommunications industry


Line Termination Testing
Provides extensive calling line testing, covering dialled and answered testing to unanswered call characteristic identification, roaming details and more.

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Dario Capolongo

Head of Carrier Wholesale Solutions

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Klaas Scheppink

Senior Business Consultant

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Anne Wallenborn

Key Account Manager

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