Knowledge based management in maintenance

Knowledge based management in the EAM environment

The management and use of knowledge in a company is becoming increasingly important today and will be a decisive factor for the future of a company. Many "knowledge-base" approaches try to make knowledge available via queries from the Internet. In doing so, it is often forgotten that the most valuable store of knowledge is already available within the company. Employees who have been working for the company for many years have a lot of experience and knowledge, which is also specifically tailored to the company.

Due to the demographic change, exactly this valuable knowledge will be "retired" in the next few years, and due to the lack of skilled workers, there will also not be enough time to pass on the knowledge in the traditional way. Modern knowledge management must ensure that knowledge is captured as easily as possible and distributed quickly.

Rapid distribution also stimulates a professional exchange between employees, which in turn contributes to knowledge creation. In addition, incentives must be created that make a company attractive for young employees as well.

axino WeKnow

The build-up of knowledge in a company is a continuous process which - in the form of a spiral - cyclically runs through the following four phases one after the other:

  • Capturing knowledge

  • store knowledge

  • distribute knowledge

  • accumulate knowledge

axino WeKnow supports this process in all four phases and focuses on the employee.

Capturing knowledge in context

axino WeKnow is available on modern mobile devices that allow easy and intuitive operation. In addition to texts, images and videos can be created, which are automatically linked to the context of the work order.

Store knowledge

The recorded entries are stored centrally and are thus available to the company for an unlimited period. In the course of time, a central knowledge base is thus created, which represents the shared company knowledge and is available to all employees.

Distribute knowledge

axino WeKnow supports two methods of active and dynamic distribution of the collected knowledge according to the push principle:

  • Automatic distribution to employee groups

  • Context-related distribution in the work order

If an employee creates a new knowledge entry, it is - in the first case - automatically made available to a defined group of employees on their mobile devices. Each employee can immediately share and discuss the knowledge with a colleague. In this way, an active exchange of knowledge between experts is deliberately initiated.

When assigning a work order - in the second case - based on the order data and the context information stored in the WeKnow database, all matching WeKnow entries are automatically assigned to the order. The employee does not have to actively search for information, but this information is automatically provided to the employee together with the work order.

accumulate knowledge

Knowledge does not arise by itself and cannot be generated automatically. Knowledge is outdated and must be updated or newly created again and again. For this central task at the heart of a living ecosystem, knowledge management within the company, well-trained, experienced and motivated employees will continue to be required in the future.

The task:

  • Capturing knowledge

  • distribute knowledge

  • use knowledge

The solution:

  • axino WeKnow

  • Integrated knowledge management

the highlights:

  • Capture knowledge faster

  • Store knowledge more centrally

  • Making knowledge quickly available

axino WeKnow creates the technical basis to support highly qualified "knowledge workers" in modern maintenance in this important step and in this central task. The most important sources of new knowledge are new information, suggestions from colleagues and the exchange with specialist colleagues. axino WeKnow provides the basis for this.

axino WeKnow is therefore not only an IT system but also an indispensable process to secure the company's knowledge and to stimulate the exchange between experts.

axino WeKnow does not require any special hardware, but is available on modern marketable smartphones and tablets from leading manufacturers. Our solution thus also meets the demands of young professionals for a "state-of-the-art" working medium.

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